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Take control of your unconscious mind and free yourself

  • From what is really sabotaging your success in life
  • Remove your internal blockages that keep you from wealth, love, health, career success.
  • Stop that annoying recurring dream once and for all

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How to Understand Your Dream Symbology-Link and Use It to Unlock Your Personal Power

A great mystery of life… Why do we dream and what meaning do they hold?

What I am about to share will give you a powerful insight and new technology to effortlessly communicate with your unconscious mind and shift limiting beliefs through your dreams.

But first, let me ask you a question…

Are you feeling stuck, uninspired or experiencing any level of anxiety?

The majority of people are facing these issues, and it’s become ‘the normal’.

I’m here to tell you it does not have to stay this way… Your dreams hold clear clues to help you bring more clarity, self love and abundance into your life.

Most people don’t realise that your dreams relay a clear message from your unconscious mind.

They are directly correlated with your waking life.

For example,

Dreams which are symbolic

Each symbol holds a specific individual meaning to you.

There is  more to it than just your mind processing information from your day – they actually hold the key to help you evolve and grow.

So please read carefully and put aside any distractions because this information is unlike any other program you may have tried.

Let me share a little bit about myself and my work …

Something About Myself

Something About Myself


I’m Margaret Sramko, Dream Therapist and Transformational Teacher. I’ve spent the last 8 years working with people uncovering the connection between dreams and their unconscious beliefs. I assist people live a soul guided, passionate and abundant life.


Discover how I can help you more at

This Key is the Fastest Way to Shift Your Unconscious Beliefs.

Your Sleeping Dreams Hold The Key to Unlocking Your Unconscious Mind. They communicate parts of you which you’ve not yet let go of, which affect your decisions and outcomes in life.

Specifically, a recurring dream is a message of a recurring theme in your life…

Perhaps you keep repeating patterns – the same behaviours. Do you keep attracting the same situations or circumstances into your life?

This is self-sabotage, and if you’d like to shift these patterns, it’s important not to dismiss your dreams and hear what your unconscious mind is communicating to you.

“The Direct Tap Process”

My clients and I refer to it as

‘The Direct Tap’ to the unconscious mind.

My life has changed since meeting with Margaret and using The Direct Tap Method. I am more confident about myself and my abilities. My self-worth and value has increased immeasurably and my business is now forging ahead.”

Trish R.

I’ve had men and women of all ages (including myself) shift limiting beliefs and empower themselves to make clearer, connected decisions from the heart.

Can you imagine a simple tool to shift limiting beliefs that are holding you back … ?

So why the unconscious mind?

of Your Decisions, Actions or Inactions Are Made From Your Unconscious Mind.

The personal development teachers will tell you that affirmations will shift your beliefs. If only it were that easy.

No matter how many affirmations you say, or how positive you try to be, you won’t change your ‘subconscious’ mind any time soon – it could take years.

Have you tried affirmations and have they really worked for you – or had a big impact on your life or core beliefs?

Affirmations Alone ONLY Work at a Conscious Level

You’re missing a secret element… Which is why Dream Alchemy and The Direct Tap Process is so powerful.

And it’s really simple when you know how.

You just need to remember the symbol in your dream.

We then Link …

      • Affirmation specific to the symbolic meaning of your dream
      • Combined with a Dream Catcher Mandala
      • And a Powerful Visualisation specific to your symbol.

With these 3 powerful tools combined with the dream your unconscious mind Goes To Work Whilst You Are Sleeping.

You are communicating directly to the unconscious mind.

You may be thinking ‘I don’t even remember my dreams’ which is normal – I don’t always remember them either.

Part of the process we show you is a simple strategy to remember your dream, and particularly the one needed to shift the belief which is most relevant to you right now …

It’s so simple, and your unconscious will shift quickly, within two weeks.

You will shift areas of your life that you have had problems with, such as; Low self-esteem, childhood wounds, negative beliefs, trauma and sabotaging behaviour to

Increase Self Esteem

Heal Your Inner Child

Positive Beliefs

                Heal Trauma

          Self Empowerment

Here’s what Angela had to say about The Direct Tap Process.

Margaret assisted me with The Direct Tap Process to eliminate a recurring stressful dream that would affect my ability to sleep, and caused me to continually grind my teeth, creating headaches and teeth damage. The method also allowed me to work through issues from over 20 years ago. Months after, I no longer experience any of the issues that we addressed, and I feel calm, happy, and motivated to live a positive and passionate life.”


You’re probably thinking ‘So how does all this work?’

Sure, you could Google and find out the hidden meaning of your dreams, and some can be quite accurate … But then what?

There is no method to help you link it to your unconscious mind.

Which is why The Direct Tap Process is so unique and effective. Not only will you see the true meaning behind your dream, you’ll have a tool to link and shift your limiting belief.

What to expect from the process?

Firstly, your dream will change. It will become clearer and more pleasant.

And here is the exciting part.

Your life will transform in the specific area the dream correlates with.

It could be … Relationships, Money, Health, Career, Self-love or Personal Power.

Here’s what one of my clients shared with me after using The Direct Tap Process.

I have broken through past issues and am now able to move forward… My life has changed in the 3 months of working and learning with Margaret … My business income doubled each month for 3 months is a row.”

Margaret W

It’s A Downloadable Program
You Can Start To Use Straight Away!

What’s Included?

Each dream theme has a comprehensive overview of the dream and unconscious belief …

What you’ll see in each dream download:

Common Themes – See the various ways the dream may be experienced.

Symbolic Meaning – Learn the specific meaning for clarity and understanding.

Unconscious Belief – You’ll see straight away where you have been self-sabotaging.

Counterbalance – The Opposite Empowered Effect when you flip the Limiting Belief

Re-programming – The 3 Step Process to Communicate With The Unconscious Mind

1) Verbal Affirmation

2) Dream Catcher Mandala

3) Visualisation

What to expect when re-programming – What you may experience when working with the Re-programming

Changes to expect in your life – What notable changes you’ll experience in your waking life when you don’t have the limiting belief Plus…

Access to Our Dream Therapy Online Community

Receive updates and support from myself and other members and students within the community. It’s a safe place where you can connect with other like-minded people and ask any questions you have during The Direct Tap Process.

How do you get started with The Direct Tap Process?

There are two ways in which you can utilise The Direct Tap Process.

1) A Single Dream

$27.00 per dream download.

You will receive the download for the individual dream.

2) The Complete Direct Tap Process Set

(Best Value – Save 40%) Only $112.00 (Set of 7 Dream Themes)

Here you receive the complete pack of 7 recurring dream themes. This is a more powerful and better value choice for you.

— When a new dream theme arises you’ll be able to look up your dream and work with that to shift your newfound limiting beliefs.

— You’ll have the workbook for life and can work through and process new beliefs as they arise on your path.

— You can literally work through different dreams.

Some people are not even aware of some of the symbols in their dreams.

Like one of my clients, Clint Morgan…

I wasn’t even aware I was having these really scary, negative dreams until I followed The Direct Tap Process. I spend a third of my life sleeping – I want them to be enjoyable. Wow, was it a wake up call. I realised the Symbols I was dreaming of related to that area of my life. After following the process my dreams became much more pleasant (tropical getaways, beautiful women) and the awesome part is I became so much more empowered within my beliefs… Highly recommended!”

The Complete Direct Tap Process Set will give you tools to ‘work with’ various dream themes to really overcome various beliefs.

You’ll also save 40% off the price
when you buy

The Complete Direct Tap Process Set.

The Direct Tap Process was easy to follow. I always felt uneasy about my recurring dream and since doing the process I’ve had the dream less. I don’t feel uneasy after sleeping and this has made my life better”

Jody L.

The Direct Tap process is such a simple but powerful technique! I was so surprised to hear that my recurring dream was a common one amongst others, and the summary of the underlying issues that my dream reflected was spot on for me.

The process was simple to follow – not too much commitment. I haven’t had the dream since.

I am feeling quietly confident and put myself ‘out there’ more. Things do seem to be flowing for me more than they have, so that is great!”

Stephanie K.

The process was really accessible and achievable. The affirmation, dream catcher activity and the visualisation was really easy – especially for a mother of 3! I haven’t had the dream since. I feel more restful in my sleep – this is a nice thing to feel!

Since completing the process I realised I had emotions that I suppressed.

I now have more awareness in allowing myself to express and release them. This has helped my life flow more”

Kirsty N.

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I’m really grateful and inspired to be sharing this work with you. It’s helped so many I’ve worked with, and I am excited to see the change and personal growth you achieve when working with The Direct Tap Process.

Love and blessing

Margaret Sramko